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APL-VNA36001 Vector Network Analyzer is a new generation of products and also an update product by BONWAY based on many years of scientific research and production experience in vector network analyzer. Compared with the former generation, it improves much in measuring speed, dynamic range and measurement stability.


Key feature

ο As high as 90ms measuring speed (at sweep points: 201, IF bandwidth: 30 kHz, display update status: ON) will greatly improve the efficiency of production and scientific research.
ο 75Ω test port impedance option is available for measuring cable television elements.
ο Trace noise of 0.005dB renders the network analyzer a higher measuring accuracy.
ο One-button operation can greatly simplify the setup procedures to improve work efficiency.
ο Provides as many as 64 independent measurement channels and quickly executes complex test plan.
ο With as many as 32 display windows and each window displays 8 traced curves simultaneously.
ο With time domain analysis function.
ο With LAN, USB, GPIB, standard parallel interface and VGA display interface.
ο Various display formats, such as amplitude, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar coordinates and standing-wave ratio (SWR), etc. ο Windows XP operating system.
ο 8.4 inch true color high resolution LCD, simultaneous multi-window and multi-channel display.
ο With 115dB dynamic range that enables it to make an accurate measurement of high suppression filter.