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Test&measurement System
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APL-TR56001 Test Receiver has been designed as a general platform for different standards used but not limited in China. It has integrated multiple functionalities, which provided by different instruments before, into a cabinet of only four height units. Due to its modular design, it can be optimally adapted to requirements of different applications, including R&D, manufacture, maintenance and measurement of transmission equipments for DTV, construction, checking and accepting of transmission networking for DTV,etc



Key features
    ο Spectrum analysis from 1MHz to 2200MHz
    ο DVB-C, DVB-S and DMB-TH supported
    ο Key RF characteristics measurement for each channel
    ο Key modulation characteristics measurement for each channel
    ο Powerful Real-Time/Offline analysis of Transport Stream
    ο Transport Stream demodulated and output
    ο Transport Stream record and replay
    ο Video and audio decode and play